Mod a multi function weapon

Hy every one, new here and I have a question…

I’m trying to cook a mod who add a weapon, a bow, based on the compound bow, who fire a special arrow, this I know how to do but my problem come after that :
I want to add a kind of multi function to my bow, when equip with my special arrow an making a define action, for exemple :
alt + 1, the special arrow turn into a tranq arrow.
alt +2, the special arrow turn into a explosive arrow.

I think i have to create different arrow and use the construction script to switch between different arrow when the specified key is push but i just can’t figure how to do it, if someone have any idea or can explain me how to do that multi function it will be really awesome.

In advance big thanks to any answer

First you’ll need to make a couple custom projectiles that do what you want. IE: tranq, fire, etc… Then watch the following video from about 37:00. It shows you how to add a secondary selectable projectile type to a weapon. This should be pretty much all you need to make the bow have a selectable arrow.

[video]ADK Custom weapon w/ multiple attachments, selectable projectiles, - YouTube

P0k3r, I already create different ammo, I just needed a little detail about how to build that ****ing event graph… what you just give to with this video. It’s a little heavy to get and it will mess with my brain for a time, but it exactly what I needed.
Realy big big thank you for your help, I will watch the full video see if i get other ideas or tips in it :wink: