MocapOnline - 4.13, 4.14 Compatibility, YES! - New FAQ

4.13, 4.14 Compatibility

YES, all of our current packs are forward compatible to 4.13-14 and beyond. The animation assets can simply be “migrated” to a newer project, or the source FBX files imported into any version 4.8 - 4.xx.

Our new FAQ covers all this in detail and lots more including “A” Pose versus “T” Pose and our “wep” bones.

New FAQ - UE4 Version Compatiblility and Usage

Always a lot of confusion and questions about our Packs compatibility with newer and current engine versions, this FAQ clears it all up, hopefully. Please have a read and feedback or suggestions welcome.

Blog Post:

PDF Download Here:


As a fellow marketplace seller I would like to inform you that you can now update the compatibility version in your seller account yourself and do not need marketplace-support to do it for you.
You should be able to just tick 4.13/4.14 as compatible in your seller account under** My Products ** to update compatibility in the launcher.

Excellent! We were not up on the latest options in the seller account. This should help a lot, and I can edit the FAQ.

The upcoming Packs with Blueprints will likely be in 4.14, so I guess the only way(not a problem really) to use the animations with older versions is FBX import. Guess I’ll have to make that clear in the new pack descriptions, don’t want anyone not in 4.14+ left out.