Mocap to UE4 Problem

Hi guys!
We recently purchased a Kinect for 360 and used Ipi Mocap studio and recorder to make my own animations. We’ve successfully recorded and sent the Mocap to Ipi mocap studio, where we name the Bones correctly and then match the animation to a Model. When we export the animation a .FBX for maya and import it into UE4 we get an error about “Duplicate Root bones found” and we can’t import it. When we have managed to import it, upon playing the animation The character actually moves when walking, What we’d like to achieve is the characters “walk” animation to play but for her to walk on the spot (so to speak) rather than actually moving.


i’m in this thread, i will buy next week a kinect and try with ipi too. I need check before if i can work with ART bones with ipi, since all my characters are made with ART

Use root motion. This will hold the character in place.

Brilliant thank you, How exactly “use Root motion” is it a tick box somewhere ? or does it need to be done using the FBX exporter in maya?

Were very new to the Animation side of things,

And Knack, I would definately reccomend a Kinect Sensor for 360, Im using Windows 8.1 Pro x64 and it works a treat, only trouble was drivers, so when you install the Kinect SDK … make sure you “Run as administrator”

How do u do this because our motion that is captured moves our character.

OK I think We Have Answer

It’s basicly the tickbox “enable root motion translation” in the anim montage editor.

A couple of things, you might try to convert the fbx file with autodesk’s free fbx converter; even though it is already a fbx file I have found it cleans everything up quite nicely…

Secondly if your animation is moving outside of the model then the skeleton isn’t rigged properly which means you or the program has messed up. Just a observation.