Mocap solution for UE4 using (2) Kinect v2 ?

I was thinking of getting Brekel Kinect Pro Body v2, but from what I saw jitter is pretty bad. iPiSoft is a way too expensive.

Is there anything (including UE4 plugins) else besides those 2 apps that work with (2) Kinect v2 and produce robust mocap results?


P.S. Please don’t propose Perception Neuron as it’s not an inexpensive solution and it’s too fiddly :confused:

For me… I just had to use iclone 6 with Kinect 2.0.

Lot of clean up after mocap. :frowning:

Infortunally Brekel Pro Body is a really bad choice… I waited 4 months like I child and when I finally bought I was really upset, I wasted 160 dollars.
But if you got a Kinect V1 you can use the default plugin of Motion Builder and cast directly on Unreal Engine in real time using Live Link Plugin.
I tried and it’s very good, not really accurate but more more valid than Brekel, and it’s free so…

Its not inexpensive, but I have had my eye on the Roku suit for a while.

It’'s real motion capture. Meaning you arent going to loose tracking of an arm when it is hidden from a camera.

If you are tech savvy you could build your own too, they have projects and components to buy (it’s way more bulky in the end). The price of doing that would be about half but it will cost you 3 times more in amount of time and interfacing the components correctly into the raspberry py to store the data…

that said I have tried even with multiple kinects and professional mocap software. The cleanup afterwards is almost as much if not more work then just making the animation from scratch.
that’s precisely why I ended up developing my blender addon in the end. (It also help with the cleaner up).

Do you mean Rokoko suit ? This one

Yes sir. Totally fat fingered the name. Also, damn that price went up around 40% since last month.
I’m not sure it’s worth it anymore considering how much polish one still has to do (despite them telling you its integrated and all of that).
I recently got a quote for 8 hour of mo-cap studio time at less then half of that, and they give you engine ready FBX (or so they claim)…

Any more info on how to go about this? I’m interested in making my own suit.