Mocap Online Update - UE4 Controllers News

The Zombie PRO and Zombie Basic packs with Blueprints and IPC are now available!
They are up at now as a free update. They will be up on the Marketplace in the next couple of weeks.

Anyone who already owns the packs on the Marketplace can contact us and include your purchase confirmation email.
We can send you a link to download the updated packs before they hit the Marketplace.

For packs purchased on Mocap Online, you should be getting an auto update email with the new download link.

Check out the video talking about the Zombie Packs and controllers, as well as the Mobility controller in the works.
Mobility is planned to be a beta download for GDC.



As always thanks to Jesse at “3 Prong Gaming](” photo.jpg](

We will be attending GDC 2017 so please say hi!


Great to know that the controllers are still being worked on :)! Is the mobility controller a root motion or in-place controller?

Jesse is doing Mobility all with in-place I believe, using the IPC I talk about and the new split jumps I’m working on. The current WIP is two custom attributes: “Speed” and “Rot(yaw)” to keep it simple and more flexible. “Speed” will work with all directions since it assumes the character is only traveling one direction at a given time as defined by user input, or some associated code. Jesse would have more details of course. :wink:

It will be with all in place animations. The zombie isn’t real feature rich but generally a zombie will be an AI character without human input. After I complete controllers for all the other packs I’ll go back and start updating older controllers, including the zombie which I anticipate will be an AI controller. Let us know as you use the controller(s) any constructive criticism you might have!


Thanks for the replies :). So I’m assuming that Steven Brown’s root motion controller won’t be released anymore?

Thanks for the replies :). So I’m assuming that Steven Brown’s root motion controller won’t be released anymore?[/QUOTE]

Yeah, sorry to say not. Steve and I went back and forth a few times, he had ideas and setups needing motions we didn’t have in the pack, plus his limited time as a talented hobbyist and time difference other side of the world kinda got things stuck in the mud. It was hard to reciprocate timely feedback and updates between us, along with us getting busy elsewhere things just fizzled way back and I dropped out of touch with him.

Steve’s a really cool guy, had some really cool root motion controller ideas we still use for reference (if you remember he’s the one that educated me way back as to what UE4 “root” motion really was vs. Unity), so i should email him and see how the heck he and his family is doing. Who knows, maybe he can still whip up a root motion controller for us at some point! :slight_smile:



The MocapOnline Zombie PRO/Basic and Starter packs with IPC animations and blueprints have been on the Marketplace about a week now. But a couple of people who had already purchased the packs have reported not seeing the “Update Available” in their Launcher Vault - myself included.

Has anyone else seen the update notification and downloaded it? Has anyone else not seen the update notification?

Epic says everything is working on their end, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on and get the update to everyone.