Mocap Online - Motion Capture Packs Pickup Shoot! - Week 2015/10/27

New MocapOnline Mocap Shoot!

Hi all,

Finally got the stage set up last week and did our massive pickup shoot for all the animation packs! Shot over 450 animations by the numbers, over a thousand takes. They will be edited and split up into even more animation assets, so a HUGE amount of work to do and major updates/additions coming to the Mobility, Rifle, Pistol, Ninja and Zombie packs.

I put a video edit together yesterday with a few cell phone clips and some raw data examples for your entertainment. Exhausting burnout week for everyone so not many vids or pics, but we relaxed a little at times to goof around. Mobility, Rifle and Pistol were all extensive and boring locomotion moves and conspicuously missing in the video. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback and wishlist/suggestions for animations! We couldn’t get to everything but we got a lot.

Mobility, Rifle, Pistol and Ninja will all be getting updates filling out the motion trees so all will have complete stand/crouch to move and move to stand/crouch transitions, including stand>turn>walk/jog/run in all directions. Ninja gets a complete set of crouch moves and locomotion, running jumps, run>flying kicks, run>sliding kick attack, multiple knock downs, knock backs and deaths in all directions. Zombie got walk and chase knock backs, knocking and falling to crawl and crawl to stand, multiple attacks, hyper attacks, hyper runs, new idles, on fire and deaths, attack endings and interrupts/knock backs. We’ve got some crazy jumping/pounce attacks that might fit from an older “creature” session we might be able to add to the mix at some point.

Plan “A” is to finish and get the stand>turn>walk/jog/run, L/R up jumps, and all forward and backpedal 45 strafes to so we can update the Mobility pack with a fuller compliment of motions and an included controller with the pack using all! Other pack updates will follow.

We plan to also update all the other packs with included transitions that go to the “Mobility” relaxed stand. In other words, when Rifle or Pistol packs holster the weapon, the no-weapon stand will match the Mobility stand exactly and therefore combine perfectly with the Mobility pack. Same thing with Ninja, his transition from “Combat” stand to relaxed will match Mobility stand. This will go towards the goal of all(for the most part) our packs acting as one as a unified pack. Everyday Mobility guy could pull out a Rifle or Pistol, reveal his covert Ninja skills, or turn into a Zombie. The ultimate dude-with-Ninja-and-weapons-skills-that-turns-into-a-zombie shooter! :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of work to be done, please stay tuned and bear with us as we get the new updated packs together asap.


Great work Crispin and all the guys at Motus. I’m looking forward to getting the mobility files and releasing the Mobility controller :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting together this video Cris! Even though you picked out some fun moments, it shows the kind of serious work that goes into making those beautiful animations.
It’s great to know that you’re committed to improving and updating already released packs. Can’t wait for the updates!

That slide was awesome haha!

This looks great, these packages have been great for us as well at Hero Machine Studios in prototyping. Great work guys.

Lol thanks, that was crazy fun! Chris actually did a first try and lost it sideways with a funny wipeout and flipped the dolly, so I fired up my phone camera to capture another epic fail - and he nailed it. :slight_smile: It’s gonna look cool when we edit it to look like some fast and brutal attack to knock baddies feet out from under them.

Thanks again for everyone’s comments and suggestions going into the shoot.

Very nice video. Cant wait to try the new zombie additions. :smiley:

This is exciting, Cris, well done! Looking forward to the drop. You guys rock!

Mobility 01 Pack v2.5, it’s here!

Mobility 01 Pack v2.5, it’s here!

Almost anyway, Mobility 01 Pack v2.5 has been submitted to Epic and will hopefully be on the Marketplace soon.

124 added motions and lots of updates.

Please check out the main thread here with details:

Thanks everybody!

Few questions for military rife pack:

  1. Is there transition animation from relaxed pose to aim pose ?
  2. Is there Hip aim pose for locomotion and shooting (along with transition from relaxed) ? You know not everyone is shooting shotgun from close to head ;).

The best way to make zombie animations is by making sure the animator person that is going to wear the suit is drunk.

Do you have a woman that does mo-caps as well?

Using animation that was captured by a man does not work for female characters

Yes, there are transition animations from relaxed to aim, and aim to relaxed for standing and crouching.
No, we don’t have any shotgun animations at the moment :frowning: but on our list of future additions already.

I believe some Kraken spiced rum was involved.

You are right, yes indeed! We actually have a female Mobility pack and high heeled posing/walking/gesturing data we haven’t gotten to yet. We need to figure out the appropriate character/rig to put it on for UE4 and other things, but yes it is one of many things we are trying to get to you guys!

Doesn’t neednto be shotgun specifically, just hip shooting/locomotion would be more than awesome :smiley:


I have another question (;.
Are guys planning to add melee combat animations ? Basic like Sword, Sword+Shield, and maybe something more advanced like Two Handed greatsword ?
That would be very useful to have all the animations from single source.

We have some sword and shield and melee moves in the works, but nothing definite planned on when or what we’ll be doing exactly. We already have a lot on our plate to get finished and published so they will be down the line.
And yes, having all motions from a single source is a real plus, others agree. We are working on making all of our packs integrate well with each other too with matching base stand poses, etc.


I send you guys email like week ago, but stil no answer so I just ask here for benefit of everyone.

I have bought locomotion pack, and while the animations are super quality I have big issue with it. Not all animations aare provided as in place motion. Only handful or of the movement animations are as in-place. The rest of them including turns, starts etc. are root motion only.

I honestly don’t need nor ever want to use root motion, but I still like to have those animations, in in-place version for blending in anim tree.
Any plans to porovide rest of the animations as in-place ?

Hi iniside,

We never got your email, not sure what’s up with that. We have been switching store hosting and that has created many database problems, maybe it got lost in the shuffle. I sent you a PM yesterday to get in touch with me directly.

A couple of others have asked this question before. The super short answer I’ve given is only the moving motions with basically linear speed are provided as in-place (IP), their traveling motion removed. The other motions that basically don’t travel can be used as “in-place”. They said “okay I get it” and never replied again that there was a further problem or question.

I’ve seen other animation providers on the Marketplace freeze/delete all rotation and translation animation on the root, and include all these duplicates with deleted root motion as “in-place”. Everyone seems happy with this, the packs are popular, but I have not seen the use or practical application for every single animation with the root motion missing.

That being said, enlighten me! We could freeze the root motion for all like that, or for only those animations you think need in-place besides what we include now, or… I got into it a bit deeper in the PM, please email us again so it gets in the help desk this time hopefully: I know we can sort this out to yours and everyone’s benefit and satisfaction.