Mocap into Unreal 4 issue

Sorry if this is a stupid noob question. again

I got ipisoft in order to make some motion capture for my game, and I seem to have a problem.
The software seems to have retargeting built into it, and it looks like this:

Now the first thing I noticed is that there is no root bone on the retargeting list. I exported the animation as FBX and imported it into Unreal, and it looks like this:

I found somewhere online that I should set my Hip bone on the mocap to my skeleton’s root bone, and so I did. It looks like this:

It looks like its working perfectly, the problem is when I enable root motion (or when I will lock the motion into place?), the root bone gets locked in place, and because I set the hip bone as the root bone, the hip bone does not move either, it looks like this:

What should I do to fix this? I couldn’t find the answer online because I probably do not know the specific term for what I need to do.