Mocap for live player input (Gameplay)

While there are several tools for capturing animations as part of game development, we are working on player-input motion capture at game time using only the ubiquitous smartphone as additional hardware. This will hopefully enable a variety of alternative game types such as rhythm games, sweaty real-motion brawlers or perhaps player driven live emoting.

I thought I would share our Unreal Engine development demo where we stream from the normal camera of an iPhone to animate a character live in game. Our motion capture software is fully running on the phone in real-time - no server or desktop resources used (receiving a UDP stream from the phone). We also only use a normal video stream from the camera - no LIDAR or depth camera requirement.

Initial demo video on YouTube

The video has a sneak peak of the app in test deployment as well as used against some YouTube clips.

Constructive feedback always welcome!