Mobility of Spline mesh component

Hello, I have a problem with spline mesh component. I followed this tutorial

and I want to use the same thing in event graph but I am getting this warning :

Warning Calling SetStaticMesh on ‘/Game/TopDownBP/Maps/UEDPIE_0_TopDownExampleMap.TopDownExampleMap:PersistentLevel.WALL_SPLINE_C_64.SplineMeshComponent_44540’ but Mobility is Static.

I set mobility of my spline mesh component to “movable” in detail panel. Here is my BP:

Thanks for help

Just tried the same thing in UE 4.11.2 and I am getting the same warning. Is it known bug or I did something wrong ? Basically I want to do roads and walls with spline mesh component and it works in Construction script. Is there any other way to create roads, walls and similar curvy things in-game (event graph) ? Thanks