Mobility 01 Pro - MoCap Pack 2.7 with Blueprints - RELEASED

Mobility 01 Pro 2.7 - MoCap Pack

300+ Mobility Motion Capture Animations and IPC Blueprint Controller

View Animations on Sketchfab:
Video Preview:

**IPC Animations (in-place with custom attributes) and Demo Blueprint Character Controller
Many Animation and Root Motion Fixes
IPC Split Jumps

219 Animations, 18 aim offsets, 21 Split Jumps.
516 Total Animation Files.**

INCLUDES: Idles, Walking, Jogging, Running, Crouching, Strafing, Turns, Hops, Jumps, Fidgets, Deaths and Transitions, and more.

Our IPC animations have custom attributes providing continuous Speed and Rot(yaw) data curves for more flawless control and programming options, a feature used by major developers. A Demo Blueprint Controller by Jesse at 3 Prong Gaming is included! Keyboard and Gamepad support.
More info here:

Please read the complete “Mobility Pro 27” motion list: UE4 Mobility Lists](Mobility - Google Drive)


● Rev. 2.7 Update
● New Relaxed Stand Pose with more curved/natural Fingers.
● Root Motion and IPC (in-place with custom attributes)
● Included Demo Blueprint Controller (see version notes)

○ Blueprint is 4.15 - 4.xx compatible.
○ Animations are 4.10 - 4.xx compatible. (FBX source files included)
○ Keyboard and Gamepad support.
○ FBX source animation files included.
○ “A” and “T” pose files included to change the default retarget manager stance.
○ Source Animation import and A/T Poses explained here:
UE4 Compatibility and Usage FAQ](
● All animations are on the UE4 template skeleton with IK bones.
● All idles and transitions have been carefully pose-matched, for seamless motion trees.
● FBX source files are also included as single Take animations on the UE4 template skeleton, ready for direct import on any other character using the UE4 template skeleton, or for skeleton-to-skeleton retargeting in UE4 to any other Humanoid character. They are in “\Content\Mobility_01\Source\FBX\” (not visible in the editor).
● A Motionbuilder 2015 file is included with the UE4 template skeleton setup with the the HIK rig. Any of the FBX files can be imported, edited and animated as desired, and re-exported as new animations.
● A Maya 2015 file is included with the UE4 template skeleton setup with the the HIK rig. Any of the FBX files can be imported, edited and animated as desired, and re-exported as new animations.

Thank you very much for the updates. :slight_smile: But I am having problems to download the update. Creating new project on 4.16, but there is no uproject made and animation blueprint is missing.

Hi, I had the same problem…
You must delete the old version first and mybe also close and reopen the launcher

Thanks for the quick feedback guys. I’ve been around in circles with Epic a bit with updates, they don’t see anything wrong on their end FWIW. Might be switching the pack from “Add” to “Create” (the only way config files for the blueprints are included in the download) may have something to do with the Vault being a little confused and not consistently deleting old caches etc. like it’s supposed to know. Manually deleting if necessary seems to kick start the correct download/install. My personal test install went perfectly, yet past ones with the new Zombie Packs/Controllers(Did everyone get those updates…?) took several tries and deleting the cache manually.

BUT… I still didn’t ever get a notification of a new update available.

Did you guys get an auto notification in the Launcher telling you there was a new version to download? Or did you only know about it from this forum post?

Please let me know asap so I can tell Epic if there is still a notification issue. A major update is no good if nobody gets notified about it, this worries us…


Thanks, working now and looking so amazing. :slight_smile: Something strange with the launcher, had restart it multiple times before it allowed to make the example Project.

Sorry, I dont remember for sure if there was notification. I think I saw the red marker, but could have been some other asset. I realized that there was update because this forum thread. Plugin notifications have been working normally, but I dont usually update other assets (fearing it could overwrite my blueprints and may not even include any new stuff. I wish they would add change logs in launcher). But keeping always eye on this forum incase of these animation updates. :wink: Thank you for all the updates. Also nice way to learn animation blueprints better.

I don’t get the launcher notification from any updated product except for the plugins from almost a month.
This is not just a problem for your product…

Thanks for chiming in Thunderstruck. This is something Epic could use as much first hand feedback as possible with.

[MENTION=37063]Motus Digital[/MENTION]
It’s EPIC again. No notification here and it still downloads the previous version.

Update received after updating the Epic launcher to 3.2.0

Good to know! I just updated to 3.2.0, but no new notifications, but of course I already created a project in lieu of the notification etc. so doesn’t really indicate anything I suppose.

A good sign though! Maybe some bugs are working out. Anyone else, please share some feedback if you got a notification etc.


FYI for those still subscribed to this thread:

Brand new Multiplayer Third Person Shooter Blueprints and free playable demo is available to check out!

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Epic now has the files in hand. We’ll see how long it takes for approval, or if they require us to make more comments etc. We’ll keep you posted.

MCO Multiplayer TPS Blueprints - *NEW* - Marketplace - Unreal Engine ForumsNEW



Well, actually no update, Epic has not responded to my last two emails in the last two weeks about the review/approval process since our July 5th submission. A week in they said it was “in the cue” for review. It has been a month now and they have not responded to my last two polite emails a week apart. So our apologies it is still stuck in unknown limbo, of course we will broadcast when it is finally on the Marketplace.

As always if you haven’t already, please download the free playable demo and have some fun, give us some feedback. We’ve gotten some good feedback and suggestions already, keep 'em coming.


Are the updated animations with the more relaxed hand pose already on the marketplace? Because whenever I try to redownload the pack, I still get the old version with the stiff hands.

The newer 2.7 Mobility Pro has more “relaxed” curved fingers. It also has a complete Blueprint character controller and IPC, so if your new download doesn’t have that(it also is “Create Project” only, no “Add”) you don’t have the new version.

Are the new fingers “relaxed” enough for you? That’s your call. I’ve thought of just making maybe five animation pose files with different versions of more and more curved, loose fist, fist, and a loose point, for example. Then everyone can just use which one(s) they like as additive.

Thanks for the reply :)! I did use the “Create Project” option and I also tried deleting the old project and then creating a new one but it doesn’t seem to work, I just keep getting the old animations. The project also doesn’t show up in my launcher (not even after restarting it). I copied the animations from the project folder to check them. Maybe that’s due to the project being a 4.16 project and me not having 4.16 installed anymore? I don’t think so but who knows? Strange…

EDIT: Just tried downloading it again, again using the “Create Project” option and checked the project folder. It’s definitely downloading an old version because there are only animations (and the character mesh+textures) in there, no actual project files so it doesn’t include the character BP and stuff.

This is unfortunately a common problem with the Vault and updates it seems, I’ve been in circles with Epic on it.

FYI there are two different Projects that get “Created” from Mobility 2.7.
If it is 4.15(the native version) or 4.16 it installs the version with all the Blueprints. (I haven’t tested 4.17 yet)
If it is 4.10 - 4.14 it installs a Project that only has the new animation assets, no Blueprints. That is the way Epic has it set up and how we need to deliver them to be compatible with the range of engine versions.
That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work, but that may be another variable which the Vault is not quite getting right. The old “animation only” Project may not be getting purged and re-cached properly and you are getting the old stuff.

Just a hypothesis, but maybe similar. Anyway please clear the cache again, try different engine versions, etcetcetc. Epic did not have an answer for us why these issues keep happening, sorry about that. Let us know if you succeed.

Deleting the files in the vault cache fixed it. Thanks :)!

Hi MotusDigital, are you working on a 4.18 update, or has it been tested on 4.18? Thanks

Mobility Pro 27 has been tested and is 4.18 compatible. All MocapOnline packs on the Marketplace are now tested and marked as 4.18 compatible.
FYI all of our animations that are just animation asset packs(no Blueprints) are always forward compatible. Until Epic does a massive redo of the SK_Mannequin again (like they did back in 4.8 from blue ball stick guy to the current cool robot) all of our current animation assets will be compatible. Sorry sometimes I forget to mark them all the new 4.xx compatible, I know they are the same… and forget that the public doesn’t know that until I check the version boxes in the seller portal. My apologies being tardy.