MobilePatching::GetFreeDiskSpace returns 0

I’ve succesfully followed this tutorial - but got stuck on actual loading. Content size returns non-zero value so I suppose everything is ok with that. Bug GetFreeDiskSpace returns zero and even if I try to load it without disk space check it tells me it has loaded negate count of MBs :smiley: I currently testing it in editor so the problem can be that I’m on a non-mobile platform. But it’s always a pain to test something on device for me. So I’d be very grateful if someone will shed the light on it.

Update: using this on device passed ChecDiskSpace and the download started as intended. But still I have negative value on {Remaining} (suppose, it’s because total downloaded size == 0 and 0 - patch_size = -patch_size) and Install returnes delegate “On Failed” with message: “could not download patch data. please try again later. errorcode: 1”. Have no idea what is the trouble