MobilePackagingWizard slow download

Hello , we are currently using the MobilePackagingWizard feature for our android/ios game.
The system works fine, but we are experiencing very slow download speed. (tested from different sources)
At the beginning we though it was due to the server , so we moved to an Amazon S3 and still have the same issue.
Downloading the same files from PC gives a x10 times speed than doing it from the mobile device.
So this makes me question if the MobilePackagingWizard is using a single thread for downloads?
We didnt found anything related to this on the documentation.

PS : the MobilePackagingWizard wasnt working at IOS once we move to amazon s3 until we changed the url from http to https (tip)


The MobilePackagingWizard utilizes the BuildPatchServices to download chunked content. The packaging wizard itself doesn’t handle any sort of threading issue directly, but relies instead on BuildPatchServices to handle it appropriately. If you take a look at UMobilePendingContent::StartInstall, you can find the relevant code.

In terms of speed it up, there are several settings that could potentially help speed it up, but to help narrow it down, when you see the 10x speed improvment on WIndows, are you still using chunked content with the MobilePatchingUtils to download it?

Hope that helps!