Mobile VR game turning off and on lights issue

I have a mobile game with many lights that need to be turned off and on. Right now I have them set to mobile, no shadows, when i turn one on another gets shut off. Assuming there is a limit of 4? I have support movable lights on in project settings.

Or is there other settings that can fix this problem. Vulkan?,forward rendering?, HDR on?, Arm64?, NDK 21? Andriod 25,26,27,28,29,30?, RHI 12? !! I have pages of notes after countless tutorials… but to no result, so forth any of this? What can enable many lights to be able to turn on and off without some getting knocked out?


Forget about Movable lights in VR, specially mobile, there’s no way around that, movable lights are the most expensive type of lighting. Or do baked lighting or do fake lighting.