This is my first post here.
And my first game :slight_smile: So it would be nice to get some feedback.

I get so much information from this community. And learned so much on the way to my first game.

And first of all i would say thank you to all members of this community and the Complete Unreal Engine Team which create an fantastic Engine.

You all do a so nice job. I so impressed every day if i see the screenshots and videos here.

The Project is complete finished :).

I will move it to the release thread :-). When it’s released

Super awesome! :smiley: It seems to be very addictive :slight_smile: Good job!

Man, that looks good already. The idea is just great!

Thank you guys for this kind word. I uploaded it to the app stores and will be back with the game in the release showcase section then. Thank you so much for this nice feedback :slight_smile: