Mobile Touch Screen Input

I’m using a UMG widget for my game UI. After setting Default Touch Interface to None in the project input settings, the game still gets input when tapping anywhere on the screen but I have not created any full screen button in UMG. Can this input be removed / turned off ?


I guess setting the “Default Touch Interface” to the class “None” only means that no additional touch interface (like the virutal joysticks) will be used.
If you actually want to disable all touch events, this should be possible in the PlayerController by setting bEnableTouchEvents to 0 (using C++) or unchecking “Enable Touch Events” in the PlayerController BP Props (using BP).

Did I understand your question properly?

Yes that sounds like it would work if I created a custom player controller BP. I got around it by using a dummy full screen button in UMG. Thanks.

So Pootsz, does the solution told by “trutty” worked, have you tried it? That procedure is correct and in my opinion it should work.

Ok I tried it and no, it does not seem to work. Using a dummy full screen button in UMG is an easy work around.

Thanks trutty…worked magic!!