Mobile Temple slow on iPAD 4 Retina

I launched Mobile Temple on my iPad 4 Retina (the latest one) and it not only runs slow but has no HDR. The compatibility chart shows that on retina device the HDR will only work on non-retina modes. How do we do this ? Ideally the demo, being a mobile showcase, should do atleast 30 fps !


I tried creating a DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini file and added
[iPad4 DeviceProfile]

Then loaded Mobile.xcodeproj and ran it on my iPad4 Retina. No change :frowning:

Does this need to be re-cooked in UnrealEd or something ?


Hi, I also tried it out on my iPad 2 and it was very, very slow. This is expected because it’s an older model of iPad I guess. However I also tried to build a blank project with just the starter content and ran that on my ipad. It was just as slow.

I then went to the app store and checked out Epic Citadel, which uses the Unreal 3 engine. WOW it runs perfectly. I’m hoping that eventually UE4 can get to a place where we have good performance comparable to what was achieved with Epic Citadel.

Any feedback or tips on getting comparable performance to Epic Citadel will be greatly appreciated!!

I am getting much better performance now once I upgraded the OS in the iPad4 from 6.0 to 7.1 ! Strange ! But good news nevertheless.


how much better 60+ fps?

The rendering scene is not made for mobile. If you have a look at the polycount its quite large, Im shocked it even ran on the Ipad

@Meathead You will be how many polys the iPad can handle. The recent PowerVR and Snapdragon GPUs can handle tons of them. What really surprised me was that the pixel shader heavy materials were exactly as in the PC demo. Ofcourse HDR and associated effects are missing but that needs Opengl ES 3.0 I guess…