Mobile Swipe to Rotate Swing Arm

Good Morning, I am working on a project where I need to rotate around an object via drag. I am was able to get this working via mouse drag but when I bult the project and tested it on a touch screen it behaved strangely. In the editor it worked fine, but not the build. Rotating while dragging is so touchy that if you barely move your finger the camera goes crazy fast.

I am coming over from Unity this is my first real project in Blueprints (Unfortunately it is for my job so I am on a timeline).

Are there any tutorials that someone can point me to or show me an example.

All I want is to rotate the spring arm around the nested object using touch/swipe instead of mouse.

Here is What I have now.

I have narrowed the problem down to one thing. The issue is that when I touch and drag it words fine, but once I release and touch in a new position it rotates backward and then rotates. Its as if on initial touch it is setting the rotation value and then rotating instead of adding to the current rotation value on initial touch.

Can someone hlep me make sense of this?

Also, It works in the editor just not on the large 60" touch screen.

Quiet out here

Am I posting this is the wrong thread?

Probably you should use “Touch” node instead of “Mouse”.
(but I’m not sure about that, didn’t experimented much with mobile input)