Mobile - Splashscreen While Engine Starting

I know that there is a lot going on when the program starts, though I was wondering if there’s any way to display an image while everything starts up instead of a black screen on mobile devices?

If not, is it something that might be added to future versions of the engine? Or is it even technically feasible to begin with?

Some time has past since last time this subject was answered … so I upvote this question.

In IOS you can do this in project settings I think. You can also play movies in IOS.

For android however, there is not an easy way AFAIK.

I apologize if it was immediately obvious for iOS via the project settings.
I’ve been stuck looking for Android solutions to no avail.
Is this a question of the limitations of the operating system?

btw I read here the splashscreen is supported now:

I was mistaken by saying this was ready for 4.6 and 4.7 preview. It is being worked on for a near-future build of the engine.

Sorry for the confusion.

What about 4.8.3, is it supported now?

I haven’t had the chance to download the latest version and test.
If I get the chance I’ll update the ticket :slight_smile:

Nope not in 4.8.3 and not in 4.9.1 also