(Mobile Specific) uberlookzone?

In UE3 we were able to create mobile input zones and one of them were Uber Look Zone where you can rotate camera while moving your finger on the screen. I’ve seen that in UE4 there are only joystick now, any chance to add such functionality? Or is there any way you can point how to create something like UberLookZone in Blueprints?

anyone from Epic can help out here?

Hey intoxicat3 -

I want to confirm that you want to never use the joystick functionality or do you want to be able to switch back and forth between the two input styles.


Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,

Yes - I don’t want to use joysticks, BUT I would like to have 2 options for rotating:

  • UberLookZone,
  • Gyro information from Device (first will try with motion - I know how to do that)

I will be grateful for tips how to do something like UberLookZone.

Hi intoxicat3 -

Unfortunately the exact functionality is not in UE4, but we offer a much broader scope of controlling the Touch interface. I am going to link you to this Custom Touch Interface post in AnswerHub which I will help you setup your own touch camera control.

Let me know if I can still help you with this setup,

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric - thanks for answer!

It would be nice to get UberLookZone as TouchInterface in later UE4 releases. Because doing this in blueprints is kind of slow and interpolation isn’t so good as in UE3 code. Will show you my blueprint and results Tomorrow.


Hi Eric, basically what I would need is to have InputAxis to work when on mobile preview. Custom implementation in Blueprints is really laggy and I can see that using device the values are different. So it’s out of my (non programmer) scope to implement simple looking when touching which was really simple in UE3.

So basically I’m stuck. I’ve implemented motion controls to look around and it’s working really great, but I need alternative way to control the looking using just the device screen like in UE3. I’m stuck and will be grateful for help Eric.

I managed to do that but it would be SO MUCH EASIER to be able to create different zones than Joysticks using Touch Interfaces, really. Hope you guys will work on that and on buttons as well because creating “Fire” button is pain now, it would be easier to use Touch Interfaces and create type Button as in UE3.