Mobile Savanna Environment/Assets

I am searching for a talented individual to create a few low-poly Savanna assets. I will pay for this work.

I need tall dead grass; scattered and singular clumps. The best example I can quickly find is the grass in the background behind this Lion:

I believe this type of grass is dead “red oat grass,” or “heart seed lovegrass,” or possibly in combination with “bluestem grass” - anything close enough the picture above is fine.

Another variation of grass I need is “African foxtail grass”:

The only tree species I need is a couple variations of the Acacia tree:

If anyone is interested in taking on this project please contact me (PM is fine). Again, I’m looking for low-poly assets for a mobile game. The grass I’m not worried about but the Acacia tree will be of concern. I am paying for these assets. Perhaps if you need a programmer to do a bit of work I wouldn’t mind trading labor.

Thank you all for your time.

This position is now filled.

Thank you everyone for responding, and I will keep your information for when more work is needed.