Mobile run Audio in background?

Hey there,

is it somehow possible to keep playing the Mediaplayer (Audio-File) while I’m in locked mode/Screensaver or after minimized the app? As like Spotify is doing it.


I’ve been looking at doing this as well. So far I have found the app needs to be bound to a service to keep it running in the foreground. All the info I have found leads to either Java or Kotlin, rather than C++ or C# and as I’m not a programmer, I’m struggling to join the dots. If you’ve found an answer please let me know!

No I havent found an answer yet.
But it seems to work if you can create an “Observer class” … Unfortunately I am also bad at creating
c ++ plugins! Maybe you can do it …

That’s for iOS, not Android. I’ll keep digging and let you know if/when I figure it out.

For Android you do not any thirdparty thing…it works with the engine :wink:

I haven’t managed to find a way of doing it. I can get it to keep focus and ignore the screen timeout, but not to keep playing when not in focus. If you know, could you share your method?

On Android you just need to create an Application-Lifecycle, then Replay the Audio when it enters the Background Delegate :wink:

Hi, I’ve been trying for the last couple of days and had no luck getting this to work. If you have any more insight that would be really helpful! Have you actually managed to get this to work on an android device?

Is the “Application Will Enter Background Delegate (Application Lifecycle)” a custom event? If not I can’t find it anywhere. Also, I am using sound cues so the media player wouldn’t work in that instance.


You have to use the media player, it actually has nothing to do with the cues. Since you need the device media framework.