Mobile resolucion problem

I everyone.
I’m having issues with the resolution on my mobile.

Heres a screenshot:
I think it’s not dificult to see that the resolution its not ok :frowning: .

I’ve already changed the Resolution Scale to 100% (also tested it in other values) in the Engine Scalability Settings but it didn’t change nothing.

I’m trying to fix this for a long time. Can someone help me please.

Resolution is controlled with r.MobileContentScaleFactor. Look here for more details:

I’ve tried it several times and it also did not work.

Anyway I fixed the problem by installing an older version of the engine (4.8.3).
The version 4.9.2 and recent version this problem happens, I still don’t know what it is. Must to be some version bug.
Now I’m using version 4.8.3 and hope for some news.

Thanks for trying to help. I’m still attentive to suggestions.

Check your device profile in DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini :slight_smile:

Where is it? I can’t find it anywhere :C

The information from Chris will be placed in the DefaultDeviceProfile.ini.

I ment the .ini file.

You need to create the file. Create the file in your project’s Config directory and put this in it:

[Android DeviceProfile]

This will use native resolution on all Android devices. Adjust as needed, or add additional sections. You can find the normal settings in BaseDeviceProfiles.ini in Engine/Config.

Did nothing :confused:

Could it be my device problem?
It’s a wiko pulp 5.1.

Looks like it is 720 x 1280 which is what the default of r.MobileContentScaleFactor=1 uses. It is already as high res as it will get. The other things you can try is disable Mobile HDR (in Render project settings) in case that device is trying to use mosaic mode to emulate FP render target; this lowers the resolution. You can also enable full screen mode to get back the area where the software buttons are (this is in the Android project settings).

Well, the buttons on the side are now hidden, thanks :slight_smile:
But still blurry :confused:

I changed the r.MobileContentScaleFactor value from 0 to 1 in the DefaultDeviceProfile.ini, but no difference.

I checked the Mobile HDR, it was already disabled, i enable it just to see the difference and it just stays more blurry, so i disable it again.