MOBILE PROJECT(Furry Saga). UMG Controls Actor animations and Packaging

First of all I’m Newbie on Game development moreover Unreal Engine… so i lack resources. but i can understand codes and structures on making a game on Unreal Engine.
So here’s what I’m trying to make. first i made a simple third person character blueprint game… i have some assest created on Blender and also have learned on tutorials, While watching, reading and learning from tutorials… i encounter the Mobile Development was possible on Unreal Engine, so I decided that my first project will be a simple Mobile Rpg Game with the following features:

  1. Scape Levels by Puzzles mechanisms on the island.
  2. Have a time and score system.
  3. Leaderboard
  4. Add Google Ads.
  5. Animations for some stories.
    well i created a simple project base on the tutorials i have learned.
    I have succesfully created a game where i can use UMG Buttons to control the actions of character. and also adjusted the motion controls.
    then i tried to build it as apk for testing on mobile. but it wont build. on 4.20 so i downloaded 4.21. it has lesser errors on building it also does not require the .so something.

Then i tried to migrate it to 4.21. .so problem was fixed also i fixed all errors regarding on SDK.
almost 2 weeks have past i have already some post regarding on building problems on answershub but no response even from the UE.
so i decided to post it on community. so if anyone have the same problem or someone has already fixed this can give us newbies hints.

Please can someone help me with this problem
Please can someone help me with this problem
Please Please Please
Error log was attached below

by the way this one was the migrated.