Mobile Project - Android Setup - Gradle

After spending a good deal of time reading then going through the steps (posted links all over) for “getting started” I had a good deal of trouble. Some of the problems were Android SDK related, some were from multiple installs of Visual Studio likely. Meh, par for the course.

Anyway after resolving multiple errors (some of which had some pretty flaky solutions in the forums here) I finally go to packaging my android app to test on my phone. Long story short I ended up having a problem with a compile error involving Gradle (since I’m new I guess this gave me a chance to learn about that too). Turning off the Gradle option in Android settings results in a fully functional build, while having it on results in the following error:

ERROR: cmd.exe failed with args /c “C:_Unreal\PhoneSetupProject\AndroidProject\Intermediate/Android/APK\gradle\rungradle.bat” :app:assembleDebug

So hmmm, it seems like it could be a path issue or lack of required resources… some searching of these forums gives me nothing good to go on. Decided I’d have a look anyway, could be a registry entry but lets see what’s where the file should be and let’s find the file first!

Quick look file “rungradle.bat” a few directories up from where the path looking… copy/paste, build with Gradle all works fine.

Hope this helps someone.


PS: After probably nearly a hundred hours learning and all the setup issues and lack of truly “outstanding” support I’m wondering why you think I should give u 5% of all my hard work after this, but alas… just keep in mind this isn’t as “beautiful” an experience as you might be thinking in the bean counter room!

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