Mobile preview settings/ widget display issue

Hi there I’m working on a game for android and am having troubles with using the in editor mobile previewer. I’ve followed the available tutorials but each of them has slightly different issues, I’d really like to use the mobile preview (PIE) for Android

. But at the moment it has an issue where it launches blacked

out until i turn off “show phone bezel” Then on the screen I can see the camera output but the widget “hud” disappears

. On the other types of preview like new window; the widgets show properly but there are other issues with how it displays

. I’ve set all the anchors to the center of the screen, and use the screen size of the phone i’m trying to start with (Android S9 624x1280)

. And in order to get the display i’m after I’ve just been setting my camera ratio to that size

. Is there a better way to be doing this? How can I properly use the mobile previewer to test my game?

Thank you for any help