Mobile preview doesnt look same as viewport

Hi there,I have a problem and need your help…
I just dont know why mobile preview look different from viewport preview.I did set up level preview to ES 2.0 and this turn out that mobile preview look like texture used sRGB off and viewport used sRGB on…here is screenshot…
I used all Unlit material except the default character.
This is Mobile preview:

This is Viewport rendering level ES 2.0:

Thank for your helps

I have the same kind of probblem, post proces volume and shadows wont appear.

I believe the disparity here is caused by not having a mobile-specific scalability settings config file setup. Perhaps your DefaultScalability.ini is different than AndroidScalability.ini (or, there is no AndroidScalability.ini at all?). This occurred to me recently–the AndroidScalabilty is supposed to inherit from DefaultScalability, but it seemingly wasn’t. Copy-pasting the config and renaming to Config\Android\AndroidScalability.ini did correct a lot of the disparity.

Another reason mobile looks different is there are built-in scalability rendering switches in UE. For instance, the post processing volume can’t handle all of the features of default SM5. That’s the reason the overall screen seems darker.