Mobile performance


I’m having some performance issues (around 12 fps) when running my project (first person bp with starter content) on a Galaxy Tab S3 (and had the same problem using a Galaxy Tab S2). When I run the same project on my Galaxy S8 (smartphone), everything goes really smoothly while using the exact same settings. I read a lot about mobile development and unreal but can’t figure out what is wrong. I tried the following:

  • replaced most of my materials with basematerial (as a test)
  • made all lights static (none are stationairy)
  • turned off bloom, lens flares etc.
  • The shader complexity shows everything is OK
  • I only use a few translucent materials
  • I also set texture quality to medium.
  • I set MSAA to none

I then gain about 8 fps but it’s still less than 20 fps which is silly on a S3 tab which is supposed to be quite powerful.
I’m quite sure there’s one setting somewhere that’s killing my performance.
BTW: I use ES2/3 (not 3.1 or Vulkan) to render.

Does anyone has any tips? I understand that it’s hard with so little information to give a solution straight away. Perhaps someone can show me their mobile secttings from defaultenginesettings.ini? I tried to find what settings may apply to which device but couldn’t find it on the internet.I also find it not so clear in the documentation which form of anti-aliasing I have to use for mobile.

Hello Superfunkstar,

For mobile platform really hard. There are helpful links below. And draw call very important for mobile platform.