Mobile Patching Utility Fails


Our studio is having troubles with the mobile patching utility that unreal engine 4 provides. We are currently running unreal 4.16.3. And are building a game for iOS.

We have followed the provided documentation and tutorials:


When we are trying to generate the minimal app and the dlc httpchunk .pak file we have run in to the following issues:

a) The minimal app is a lot larges and contains the intended DLC content
b) The DLC content fails where we get the following errors:

InternalUtils.SafeReadAllLines: WARNING: Failed to load /Users/User/Perforce/Depot/Mac/Saved/TmpPackaging/IOS/pakchunklist.txt
InternalUtils.SafeReadAllLines: WARNING: Exception in mscorlib: Could not find a part of the path “/Users/User/Perforce/Depot/Mac/Saved/TmpPackaging/IOS/pakchunklist.txt”.

We have tried both with our project and a clean new one. Both with unreal 4.16 and unreal 4.18 with no luck

Also I can’t find a way to specifically add directories to cook in the project launcher profiles.

if anyone has any insight, we would appreciate help.

Best, Max