Mobile Patch Utility and Clarification

Hi all,

I want to DLC/patch for mobile devices and started testing from IOS. I am a bit confused about patching and DLC. On the top, due to poor docs, it’s more confusing.

My understanding is that

DLC is downloadable content, where I
released the initial map, and the rest
of the maps will be downloaded by DLC
HTTP content which I will place on the
server by Mobile patching Utility. (to
achieve that I create 2 profiles,
(APP+DLC) one for release with intial
map and other for rest of maps).


patching is the process of additional
fixes on the released version of the

My two questions are:

What if I made release 1.0, downloaded maps(DLC), and realised I want to change in Map1 something, lets say want to add an extra cube. Will I have to create DLC or patch? If DLC how and what I need to change in profile? If Patch how and what I need to change in profile? (where are docs)

Let’s say for simplicity, I do not want to use DLC. Just a single release and keep making changes to the same release. I guess I need patches. I am able to create the first patch file (with _P) but on 2nd change, I can not get another patch file. It always creates one single patch for the same release. So how I will have multiple and incremental patch files for the same release? (where are docs)