Mobile Packaging Apk size is bigger than Dlc

After following the “Mobile Packaging Wizard” doc, there are 2 folders : “App” and “HTTPchunks”.
Inside “App” folder there is .apk file which size is so big (over 100mb when I test with blank drop down project). And inside “HTTPchunks” folder, there are .pak file and chunks files, but their total size is just around 1mb.

The doc says, apk file will be small and rest of the contents are inside dlc file(that is chunks or pak file), but what I encounter is opposite.
Maybe it is bug or I dont get it clearly??

How I tested is,

  1. I create a project from drop down template
  2. no content or asset is added except blank level(also that level does not have any code, bp, or UMG, just blank level)
  3. and follow what “Mobile Packaging Wizard” says
    I did not change any settings, all are default.

Additional question is, if I will do another way of packaging, which produce separate apk and obb, how do I make my app download necessary obb from web. Is it same as “Mobile Patching” doc (Mobile Patch Utility Nodes | Unreal Engine Documentation) ??

Hi! I have the same exact problem with 4.19. Did you manage to fix it?
Edit: Well, what I found, the game instance has many references. So that’s why the file was so big.

ohh, I see, thanks. I have been packaging the whole apk.

Hey i know its start to be an old topic but i would like to know what you mean by too many reference , im not familiar with all the technical details behid the project launcher so i will be very gratefull if you explain your process . Thanks for your time .

For example, any cast to make for any actor in your game instance, that means a reference, it will be included in the basic package. So, try to minimize any references if its not necesary (ie, use interfaces)

Well thats weird i packaged an empty map ( with nothings inside ) and get file of 64mb , and then i packaged the dlc of the map with lots of references and get 24 Kb … is this broken or i just missed somethings . At the time you managed to make it work what was the file size of the game without dlc mounted on ?