Mobile multi texture formats question

Hey, i just finished my app and want to distribute in on the play store.
I have exported 4 APKs

1 multi ATC,ETC2,ASTC for testing
1 for ATC
1 for ETC2
1 for ASTC

Google Play Console now tells me, that the multi version supports 5600 devices, while the 3 single texture formats combined serve 5813 devices. How is this possible since the multi version should cover the same amount of devices.

So once i uploaded them all in the playstore, i recognized that the ETC2 APK wont show anything under “OpenGL Textures” This might be a bug at the google service. So the Multi packaged APK does support more “OpenGL Textures”, but is less compatible with devices?
I need some explaination please :slight_smile: