Mobile mesh vertices

I have a question about this sentence
All mesh types can have up to 65k vertices at this page (
i need to knew all mesh types can have up to 65k vertices or each mesh type can have up to 65k vertices

All mesh types can have to up 65k vertices means that every mesh you use can have up to 65k. It just means that all the above mentioned Meshes (Skeletal, Static, Landscape, Sprite, Particle Mesh) can be up to 65k (I hope I didn’t forget anything ^^). If you have 10 meshes with each 64k vertices, it should work! <3

Thank you very much

Sorry, I was a bit slacky on this one. On the majority of devices the 65k might still exists, but on this older forum discussion, they say it should give you an error if you go beyond that. However, I just tested an ETC1 build (OpenGL ESL 2.0) with a 160k tris mesh and it compiled with no error. So, like instanced static meshes, they are supported on newer devices (keep in mind the docs you sent are outdated and for version 4.9).

So, sadly you can’t say for sure if it will work or not and you have to test it for your target device.