Mobile Mannequin

I assumed I could just drop this guy in and point him to the same animation BP, but that is obviously not the case.

Is there a tutorial on his use to show me how to use him in place of the normal mannequin while maintaining the animations?


Hi bot2600, Under Settings/World Settings you can interchange your default pawn class in the Game Mode Panel:

Addendum: If there is a player character already present in the level (like in the Third Person Blueprint level) you have to delete the character from the level in order for your character to play at start.

Thanks! I didnt realize that and changed the mesh/skeleton magic on the existing guy and remapped the animations.

I will go back and try that instead, it sounds way cleaner:)


Noobish advice


Eh… I have tryed the above in UE4.9.2 but cant seem to get the mobile dude detected in world settings!?,

…And if I chnge the BP_TPC Mesh with the “mobile Mannequin” cant seem to get the animations!..

…Can someone give a feedback Please!!!


I think this happens cause I used the launchers “add to project”!..

,I have checked out a vid that copys the files “drag and drop” into the editor. But when I do it I get a error " unknown user extension uasset"!? :frowning:

Think it maybe cause I choosed to install all the stuff of UE4 into C:\UE4…???

Latest new…

Got some ansers here:

…But still not able to put the “Mobile Dude!” working!!! :frowning: