[Mobile Lighting discussion]Change mobility at run time

I’m developing a game for Android mobiles.
I’m trying to get around lighting and textures issues which really bad and I’m really depressed after spending long long time to make it work !, Okey here’s my problem in details:

  • My game is an endless runner, instead of making the player moving I’m moving all the environment around.
  • The environment need to have good textures,and as you know there’s an existing problem with textures and dynamic lighting for mobile which force you to make all of your meshes to be static in order to get the proper lighting and showing the textures it self !, if you don’t so you’ll have a mesh with black texture !
  • I discovered a solution and it’s REALLY WEIRD ,you need to put any other static mesh below/inside or above your dynamic mesh, the distance should be near.
  • yea it worked ! but it seemed too WEIRD for me so I decided to think of something else instead of putting dummy things to solve the problem.
  • I was thinking of setting their mobility to static,then at run time changing it back to movable so I can move my environment !

Dude, same problem I need help!