Mobile Joysticks/Gamepad appearing in the menus


is there a way to disable the gamepad/sticks from the UMG menus and then have them appear during gameplay. at the minute they are showing up on menus and cutscenes. more or less all the time.

At the minute I have two ideas of how to solve this

I am thinking about having one set of joysticks, one that is for gameplay and one that is for menus, in which this would be set to be invisible.
This would mean switching between interfaces and I am not sure how this works.

The second idea would be to hide a the joysticks within the UMG blueprint or even the level blueprint.

Any help with this would go a long way and I have seen that there is a few people having the same issue.



At the minute I have a solution, I have created a new game mode for the menu, in which i call on a new virtual interface and have it set to hidden in the opacity values. have tested it and seems to be doing the trick. however if anyone has a better or different solution, please share as it will be very helpful.