Mobile HDR not working, is a compatibility issue?

Hi there, we’re working with post effects in our mobile game right now (color grading to be precise). Everything works fine while runing in the editor (even in mobile preview) and compiled in PC, but it does not work at all in android mobile devices.

Test devices: Samsung Galaxy Note III, Huawei P8 Max (They’re not last model phones, but is what we have in hand right now)

As is described in this link the mobile HDR feature is enabled and the r.tonemapperfilm is 1 inside the DefaultEngine.ini file.

We’re working around for awhile without results. What we missing?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, we have same issue here

Any help please?


Any help will be great

i tried on a few different phones

no idea about the issue but it would probably be worthwhile to borrow a newer phone and test on that. or even buy a phone and then return it if you can’t afford to keep it.

if you haven’t already you could the shader version required and what those phones have.

I have a similar problem with Bloom values. Project settings/Rendering there is only bool value for Bloom On or Off. Changing values in postprocess volume one the level work’s in editor but doesn’t work on my device: One plus one with Android.

Any tips?

I’ve the same issue, did anyone find a solution yet?

See My Answer , Hope This Will Work