Mobile Games & Templates [Blueprint]

Hi Unreal Community!

Back again :slight_smile:
This thread will be dedicated to games and templates optimized for mobile devices , done with blueprint.

Update : 04/20/2017[SIZE=5] (NEW)** [/SIZE]**
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](Unreal Engine Resources - Elhoussine Mehnik)

Reserved !

Reserved !

Amazing =) There isn’t a lot of cellphone examples to work with so this is great. Might you be doing GearVR projects in the future?


good initiative! thanks

You’re welcome!

Arduino & VR are in the plan but don’t have access to the needed material yet !

Updated :
-Added a new game

why this guy is not “spotlight member”?

Thank you Mhousse1247, this kind of material helps a lot new users.

This is great to help others kick start their ideas and get a feel of working final game code coming together, thanks for contributing.

this is Innovation, really appreciate and I hope many contributor keep this up

Thanks! Glad it helped

let’s say I’m the invisible man:D

Dude excellent work! I’m so happy others have taken on UE4 mobile development. A lot of people are very hesitant to try it at this current stage, I’m trying to get ahead of the crowd :slight_smile:

Awesome! We’re waiting for new examples!

Thank you Mhousse1247 , it will help me learn :smiley:

Super cool games! Thanks for giving out all these useful templates!

Thanks! Preparing an other big surprise for beginners and students:D