Mobile Game Visual Prototype

I am trying to create a mobile game prototype to show to investors a visual prototype of my game. I have been working on the mobile RPG game documents since 2012 and I am extremely passionate about this game. In fact I have over 53 Microsoft Word documents that pertain to the game. The documents are based heavily on the storyline of the game, in- game characters, the summary of the game, and the gameplay features. I already have started on the unreal engine 4 prototype with the environment already installed and seven enemy locations. If you are interested in any more information then contact me by phone call, text, email, or skype, thank you. Send me your best unreal engine works as well as your portfolio of unreal engine and other game development through my Hotmail. I will pay you by milestone and implement an independent contractor agreement form or I will pay you through paypal, but first I will have you sign a Non-disclosure agreement and then we will discuss the details of the game on camera in a skype session. My budget will be $300, but it is weighable to the workers needs and requirements for the visual prototype.

Jonathan McPhaul

Skype Username: immortalx11


I love your passion Jonathan! Unfortunately, I feel it is going to be hugely difficult to achieve any kind of results with a budget so low as $300. If this covers 2D UI, Art etc, 3D Assets, Computer Science scripting and such, this is going to be very hard for you to pull off. Instead of making people sign an NDA and such, perhaps I can help you form a plan here. I normally consult businesses for a fee, but I have had dreams before and nobody helped me out, and I’d like to throw you a bone here. I’ll add you on Skype once you reply to this with a yes/no, and I’ll take a peek at what you’re trying to achieve; then, with further information, I can help you formulate a plan. Sound good?

It would also help to provide more details on the game, for instance if it’s 3D or 2D.