Mobile game using only BP??


I’m considering to develop a mobile game using UE4, just to learn but I want to upload it to Google store. My idea is about a infinite runner similar to the video tutorial series so… is that kind of game too much for mid-range mobiles?? I mean, I will use low-poly assets but I dont know if I should make it using c++ in order to improve performance.


I am currently finishing something like this:!!!-Android

Coded 100% in blueprints, it runs at stable 60FPS on Sony Xperia M and at 30FPS on Nexus 7 (first gen). There is so little code in it, that I doubt that using C++ would make much of a difference. Sure, it would be interesting to actually compare the performance of such a simple game in BP and C++, but I guess you won’t get much increase in performance on processing ten 6-element arrays every few seconds.

Hi rimau!

Thanks for your comment! your project looks great, congratulations! finally I will try to do it in c++. Performance is not the main reason because 30fps would be enough for me but I’m a coder, so I prefer to learn more about UE code framework. However BP are very very powerful. I think you would do the same the same game in half time.


Just take one thing into consideration, even as a coder. BPs are a great way to get yourself comfortable with the UE4 API. All the context filters and nodes descriptions will give you a pretty good idea what is where and how it works. Depending on your current knowledge of the engine starting with BPs may be the fastest way to learn how to code in C++ properly for UE4.

And thanks for appreciating my tiny, little game :slight_smile:

Make first game in blueprints only, well thinking of that it really matters what you prefer while learning.

If you know C++ very well then go for C++ project. Unreal API learning will be harder this way, but you will not “waste” time on learning blueprints.
When you go for blueprints context lists and blueprint editor will hint you a lot of node uses and api names, so learning is easier, but you learn BPs not C++ nor unreal.

I think it is just matter of preferences even for advanced C++ coders. Personally i stopped fiddling with C++ because for code project in iOs i need mac which i do not plan to buy
(unless my game finances it). And i want my games cross platform.

IMO making C++ projects in unreal is easier and faster than blueprints, but that’s when you finally mastered unreal api. Best way to learn it all is making simple blueprint functions into C++ while developing whole game as blueprint, until you get to the point where you uses best tool for task.