Mobile game: updating datatable without players losing their progress

Hello there :smiley:

I’m currently working on a mobile game and I have a little question about data saves and how to update a game.

I have unlockable elements in my game, such as player’s icons (and there are many :p).

I have made a Datatable on Google Sheets with two variables : the player’s icon image a a bool “IsUnlocked”.

In Unreal, just after creating a save game object, I get this datatable and add every row to a “Player Icon Struct”.

Then, in a widget, I get this Struct and add every element of it in a scrollbox.

Everything works fine, I can unlock icons and save their unlock state in the “save blueprint”, and I still have these unlocked icons when I re-open the game on my phone.

So my question is : what am I supposed to do if I want to update this datatable in the future to add more icons?

If I push a new version of my game on the PlayStore, players will get my datatable and will lose their, right?

Is there a way to compare our two datatables (mine and player’s one) and add only the missing rows to the datatable without them losing the icons they already aquired in the past?

Thanks a lot for your answer! :smiley: