Mobile. Game Updates through the store, replaces old stored state?

Hi guys,

When I publish my game, I want to be sure that future updates will not override local player profile information (like savegames or other custom stuff I could store).

Are these kind of files preserved automatically? when deploying, is only APK and OBB files replaced? or all the other stuff too?


It might depend where the engine safes those files. For instance if you uninstall an Android app the OS will also delete the folder where you can create files within the internal SD card for that application (the Android/data/ folder I think). if you use the GooglePlay backend you might be able to save a file in the online profile of that user, but if you save it in the users ShaderPreferences it might get deleted on uninstall (no idea what happens on update though!).

I guess the best test is to create a beta application in GooglePlay that only you can access to see what happens in each case (but do not use your real package name because they can not be reused between apps and you wont be able to use that package name for your real game :D).

Umm so you propose to save the UE SaveGames and other stuff into an online profile using GooglePlay services? Whats are the limitations of such approach? can i save whatever I want?

I would use Google Cloud save if I were you, easier and let Google handle all the save game goodness :slight_smile:

Google Cloud Game Saves