Mobile Game runs then Screen goes Black on Android


My game was recently published to the Google Play Store for testing. I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. What I encounter is my game launches and loads the persistent level and main menu sublevel without issue. When i select a button to open another streaming level my screen goes black… I can see UMG windows and hear audio but cannot see anything rendered…

Here is my log:

[link text][1]

EDIT: Looks like my custom game instance and game modes are not being loaded?? Does anyone know why this would be? I use an APK and OBB expansion in Google Play. I dont encounter these errors in the mobile previewer or on non shipping builds…

Here is my Maps and Modes with MyGameInstance set:

Can someone help me debug the issue? I can provide any more info needed.

Thank you!

The issue was in fact due to the custom game instance and game mode not loading correctly. That was due to moving those two blueprints into a new folder which caused the config to point to the wrong location. It looks like this is a bug with version 4.19… I had restarted the engine and built / packaged the project a few times which should have updated those references, but alas it did not…