Mobile Game Question

Hi Everyone!

I want to make a game like the “jeweld” or something like this, but in my case the color “bubbles” is not falling down from the top.

I have a sphere in the middle and the color “bubbles” “falling” to the center to the sphere and collising to him. I hope you understand…

How can i get the bubbles move? Which is the best solution?

Thanks in advance!!

You can get direction from each “bubble” to sphere center and then push each bubble towards sphere using this vector

In the level blueprint, i say to the bubble to go to the sphere (Event begin play -> set actor location). But if i try this, when i play game, the white bubble is on the sphere. No animation, no move speed, nothing :frowning:

I’m sure the set actor location is not a valid solution for this time, but anyone can help me, how can i do this?

I have not tried the “timeline” option in UE4

But in a program : (get bubble location) - (get sphere location) = distance to travel (animate)

on Event Tick** update bubble-location with : (distance to travel / move speed) until (bubble-location = sphere-location)

** you can make it better with Delta time (relation to frame-rate)

Ohh thanks, i will try to make this in blueprint, but if anyone have a blueprint’s solution, please share with me :slight_smile:

I want to move some object from out of the camera range and what is really important, that i want to attach my “character”.
My character is rotateble, so if you press “D” the character is rotating, thats why i want to attach the “bubbles” to my character.


The sphere in center is the main character and the grey one is one of the “bubbles”. If i make a timeline animation with lerp, then the “bubbles” is fully cover the main character, but i want to attach to him. If i rotate the main character move the attached bubbles too.