Mobile Game Programmer Needed

Hi there. We are looking for a mobile game programmer who can build using Unreal Engine for a specific game. Paid by the hour. Rate negotiable.

I might be interested, but I’d like to hear a lot more details. What kind of game is it? Is it multiplayer?

I’m Ayreon45 on skype if you’d like to talk more directly or I can give you my email/PM

Thanks :slight_smile:

I could be interested though could you specify a little more about the project, such as genre, team size, expected size of the project, etc. It would greatly help to determine whether the project is something I would be interested in.

Game Synopsis

Sorry, I should’ve included more info in the intro. Please see below. If this seems like a game you’d be interested in working on I can send you the full GDD with an NDA.

Zombie Auto-Runner Game (Side-Scroller)


The purpose of this game is to outrun the zombie horde by avoiding obstacles, making split-second decisions, and eliminating any zombies that get too close.


The game is supposed to be panic-inducing, with close calls and shocking moments. A sense of relief should be felt when the player completes a level.

• Swipe up
• Swipe down
• Swipe forward
• Multi-swipe forward
• Swipe backward
• Speed-tapping


The player is being chased through a New York/Manhattan-like city during the zombie apocalypse. The mood is gritty and apocalyptic.

Style Attributes

The game style should be a blend of Vector’s camera style and Corridor Z’s look and feel.

Hi all. Thanks to those who have shown interest in this thread and in our game. As of now we have found a programmer but will keep the contact info of anyone who reached out to us for future opportunities.