Mobile game - Memory Game - Unnamed (boysvsgirls)


Cross posting this.


This game initially started out as a joke with the misses. I wanted to create a game where boys can compete with and challenge girls at who does shopping the quickest.

Realized it gets very boring very quickly as there is no challenge considering the AI controls the Shopping cart.

It evolved and is now a Memory game.

Select your difficulty. a shopping list is generated dynamically and displayed for a brief period.
Game Starts

Then you Touch what you want to buy.
I wanted to keep the interface clean n simple so i designed it to use tilt controls to control the camera. Its very restricted only allowing 30 degrees rotation, just enough to see the obscure aisles and to pan a little.

Once you have selected your items you click the smiley face and the cart carts off and collects what you selected.
It then returns to the checkout and the score pops up telling you your memory is 40%

The sad face keeps the same shopping list but resets your position and removes all selected items. Fresh start.

It took 5 days to complete. Currently Game Center and Google achievements are outstanding as well as leaderboard integration.

The art decision actually came from a smudge. I created real looking textures and was busy touching it up. I slipped and couldn’t undo for some odd reason. Out of frustration i scribbled all over the place, and decided its a good look.