Mobile game database

Been working on a mobile game and seeking out a proper solution for mobile game databases. Been searching through the net and found most of the tutorials that has been given is the VaRest method. Hence, i am not sure this is a proper solution for a mobile game flow and trying to seek out any advises on this matter.

Any help or pointing the right direction would be appreciated

It completely depends on what you’re trying to do. Do you want the database to be local on the device (e.g. storing local scores) or do you want it to be remote (i.e. a competative leaderboard).

Local is relativly easy to achieve and in many cases, a database might be a bit overkill.

Remote is a very different beast and whislt VaRest would help you communicate with whatever remote service you have, it doesn’t in itself provide any technology to store data. So, you need to work out what the database should do and then find a service to provide that. You can use established services like Playfab or Gamesparks, or you could roll your own using various AWS products (or Azure / Google etc). You could use their database technologies or you could just host your own server and setup whatever technology you want on it. Just keep in mind that whislt it’s not too hard to get something working, making sure it’s secure, backed up, performant etc is quite a big job.

I see, thanks for the explanation