[Mobile Free Game] Endless Ivory Tower

Hi everyone

We are a small studio located in Spain, we are my wife and I alone, she is in charge of the design and I of the programming, our games are always free, we have only been developing very simple casual games for 1 year. we love to create and thanks to unreal we can make our dreams come true.

I want to present you the latest project "Endless Ivory Tower "

Your kingdom needs you !!
the location of the old tower of power has been discovered, all your enemies will want to climb to the top to claim their ancient power.

  • 8 Realms to choose from
  • 10 stats to customize your hero
  • 40 skills to train
  • Advanced classes

Endless ivory Tower is an automatic turn-based casual game, where you can visualize your hero fighting against enemies from all over the world to get to the top of the tower


The game its totaly free, We had a great time doing it, I sincerely hope you like it
Thx Unreal and everyone


Hey VincenTRF,

You and your wife did a wonderful job. The graphic style is so charming and really brings back nostalgia. You mentioned advanced classes, could you give a few examples? For instance, is there a limited selection of classes at the start? For some reason, class fantasy and that beginning part of the adventure is so incredibly immersive to me.

I’d also like to thank you so much for sharing your project with us here on the forums. Can’t wait to see more from you guys! :sunglasses:

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Hi there, To be honest a very heartfelt congratulations to both you and your wife, you guys did a wonderful job. Thank you.