Mobile Feature Requests & an Idea on how to present them (update Tappy Chicken)

I’m faced with the following issues on Android

  • In app purchases - I’m not 100% sure this system works correctly right now - we need an example (I’d love a youtube video) - i.e. how to perform them, and check/recall them (if this is possible)
  • Ads, it would be nice if I could show more ads, like the video ads and full screen ads you see on many mobile games - I saw someone presented a way to add more options in these forums however that seems to cause errors (that are on answer hub right now). I really want to add the “watch a video and get x” feature to my game.

When these features are added to unreal (or documented?) perhaps you could update tappy chicken to have a modern monetization strategy - i.e you can pay to remove ads and if you reinstall the game, it remembers that in app payment.

I’ll admit this is my monetization strategy so its a very selfish request but this is a pretty win/win scenario as you can show how to use these features in a real way and EPIC can ship these features (to profit and REALLY test them).

Plus it’ll help me make more so I can pay my royalty fees :slight_smile:

Hey BPAndrew,

Thanks for making this feature request. I have logged this as UE-18900 to be taken into further consideration by our developers. Please let us know if you have any additional questions, have a wonderful day!