Mobile Dynamic Shadows & Movie Playback

As our team gets ready for a soft launch next month, there are two main issues that are currently show stopper for us:

  1. Dynamic Shadows won’t work correctly on Mobile (as discussed in following threads):
  1. Android Movie playback.

Is there any update, or any plans to resolve these issues in 4.7?

According to this thread, startup movie support exists in 4.7.

Our team is also waiting on mobile movie playback. So far we have hitchiked on the startup movie functionality on PC and hope we can use it on mobile in 4.7.

  1. Should be fixed on 4.7

Not sure about 2), but if either doesn’t work feel free to open a new AnswerHub ticket!

Hi All,

I just tried to play a movie using UMG and Media Player on my Nexus 5 and no widget / video is rendered (4.7.2 UE4 Version Packaged to ECT1).

Does that mean only startup videos have been fixed?


Hi Showster!
loading movies and startup movies are working, but I’m not sure about movie playback on umg…
I’ve tried with widget and all work correctly but I haven’t tried video… can you show what you have done?

Hi Sokom,

Sure I’ve attached some editor pics, works fine as a preview.

What methods are you using to load movies?

EDIT, If I build for windows it works if I use .wmv format.

All the best

Can you try with .MP4 ?
For me,last time, it worked


Hi ,

Yes I’ve tried with .MP4 720 25FPS no joy still, I’ll keep fiddling. Do you place your movies in a specific folder or anything?


No,any specific folder :frowning:
I will try today with my own Nexus 5 and I will post any update here, hope it will help!


“In order to package correctly, local media files MUST be placed in the Content/Movies/ directory of your project.”

Hi ,
Bad news, I’ve tried but seems it’s not working when deploying on Android…
I hope someone will see this thread and post a solution, I’m sorry I can’t help you right now.


I did some testing for 4.7.2 on various android devices.

  1. Dynamic Shadows now work correctly with baked lighting on android devices, but they are very costly. It’s almost as costly as running the game on OpenGL ES3.1. I am going to change some values on device profile, see if I can get a better performance.

  2. Android Startup Movie using (mp4) will work fine on Nexus 7, but on Shield Tablet you can only hear the movie’s sound, and you get a black screen.

  3. Android Movie Playback aside from startup movie doesn’t work on any android device as other people also mentioned on this post.

RCaloca thanks for your response, I hope Epic will resolve these issues soon! I will go ahead and create AnswerHub ticket for Android Movie playback. but in the mean time, if you can talk to the internal team, and give us any feedback, it would be great :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Yup same for me no shows on android regardless of setup.

All the best

When you say it works correctly, did you get it to work with skeletal meshes or just static meshes?

Denny, It does work correctly for Skeletal Meshes!

Thanks Highbury, I will look into it then and see if we also have bad performance. I don’t expect good performance for shadows on mobile to be honest, but it would be nice to have. :slight_smile: