Mobile Crash Shipping

Hello! Each time I test my game on a mobile device I get a crash but this only if it’s in shipping mode. I’ve build for amrv7 + obb file. If it’s inside apk only the game works but with obb file it’s crashing.
I’m getting this logs from shipping build in android studio.
Can someone help me? It’s up to two weeks and still can’t find a solutionlink text

First, when downloading the data file, for example, when downloading on appvn, you will get a .ZIP file, extract this file, then inside there will be a folder and in this folder will have data files. OBB. Please copy another copy to edit in case you accidentally corrected it, you need to download it again.

Normally your computer will not have any default software to open this file. Now right click on this .obb file and select open with then select winrar and select ok. (If you do not see the winrar to select, scroll down to the bottom and select look for another in this pc and look for the drive’s installation directory at geometry dash the path: C: \ Program Files \ WinRAR then select the file WinRAR.exe and select ok)
Both directories contain .lua files. Open these .lua files with Notepad ++ for easy editing.
Then to edit the number of items / 1 cell we press Ctrl + F to find the keyword Size, as default, depending on the size of the map, it may not contain from 10 to 20 - 40 items per cell in descending size.
After fixing the file, press Ctrl + S to save the file. Then you go back to the Winra window just now and you’ll be asked “Do you want to update the content of this file?”
File content has been updated. To edit other .lua files, you do the same. Now you bring the data.OBB file to install will not be as corrupted as when converting to compressed .zip and then compress again.